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Xtreme Power Belt Reviews - What Is It?

WARNING: DO NOT BUY Xtreme Power Belt Until You Read This Review!
Is it a Scam? Does It Really Work? Check Ingredients, Side Effects and More! Emily Butler

Xtreme Power Belt is designed for men and women that claims to make you two sizes slimmer due to the increase of sweating. The belt also provides lower back support, and can be adjust to your posture, according to the manufacturer. The product has its own official website which is in Spanish and can be difficult to read by people who don't speak this language. The device promises dual action compression due to which the user starts sweating in this way shedding extra pounds. I as a specialist can say that such a technique of losing weight isn't effective because sweating doesn't always mean losing weight.

XP Belt is said to be unnoticeable under clothes, so it can be worn for different occasions, including running errands, exercising, or going out for a party. Everything sounds too simple and that is the first red flag. Let's find out whether there are any other red flags.

Ingredients of Xtreme Power Belt - Does It Really Work? Is It a Scam?

Xtreme Power Belt is very similar to other slimming belts as it claims to instantly make your shape perfect only by sweating. In fact, this type of belt functions as a corset, because it simply holds the body in a vertical shape. It can be used for aesthetic purposes but I can hardly imagine a perfect figure after wearing it.

Xtreme Power Belt

On the other hand, this kind of belt doesn't provide any weight loss benefits. Of course it will make you sweat intensively and even if you manage to lose some weight be aware that you have lost only water and electrolytes, but not fat. Wearing such a belt all the time will make you thirsty. And the more you drink the more you sweat. It's up to you to decide whether this "slimming" method is suitable for you.

Customer Reviews - Does It Have Any Side Effects?

Xtreme Power Belt used to be a brand new product at the period of our research (in March 2015). At that time there were no online reviews of real customers. Nowadays, they are numerous and almost all of them are negative but we'll come back to this topic a bit later. I managed to find out that Xtreme Power Belt is made by Smart Products Corp located in Doral, FL. This organization holds an A rating with 45 closed complaints with the Better Business Bureau. Most of these complaints refer to the users' inability to obtain the promised refunds. While you may face the same situation with Xtreme Power Belt, it is advised to think twice before placing your order on any of the retailer websites and especially on the official product's site.

According to the manufacturer, Xtreme Power Belt doesn't compress human lung being fixed around the corpse. In this way you are not expected to suffer from shortness of breath. However, to my mind, this largely depends on one's shape and how tightly you will cinch the belt. But according to the numerous users' online reviews, it's just a regular belt. No plastic wrap is sent with the belt to the customers. This makes many of them very unsatisfied. Many people call this to be a total scam and fraud. It is better to buy a regular working belt with food plastic wrap. This belt is too expensive for such a bad quality.

Other users complain that the belt was too hard to put on because the wrap sticks to the sides and rips off. Besides, service people and the supervisors constantly seem to hide themselves when the customers try to call them. The service leaves much to be desired. They don't want to return people money back even though there is a money back guarantee. It remains unclear why they take such big money for this garbage belt.

One of their customers writes that he received a call from this company and they introduced themselves as a local Program at PR. It was lie. Then they charged $169 for the belt to his credit card, that was double the cost of the product. When the man confronted them for getting a refund they didn't answer to his calls. As for the belt it came in a non-secure wrap, and harmful for health. This was the violation of all medical norms. FDA hasn't approved Xtreme Power Belt and should investigate this company.

"So disappointed. I have been waiting for it and Xtreme Power Belt is not even closed to what it looks in the pic"

"I have use other belt and I sweat a lot, but I always looking for something new, and with this XP Belt I don't sweat at all. I don't like it"

"Didn't fit will wasn't what I was expecting. XP Belt is itchy and hurt"

Where To Buy Xtreme Power Belt?

Xtreme Power Belt is available in both women's and men's sizes S-XL and can be order from all possible retailer websites including Amazon, GNC, Walmart. Its cost is $89. Making an order, you're also expected to receive two Thermo Xtreme Osmotic Rolls. But personally I don't believe these promises. The company is very unreliable. The belt comes with a 15-day refund policy, however, not a customer managed to enjoy it. Be attentive, because they may take twice more money from your credit card than the cost of the belt.

My Final Summary

I am sure that Xtreme Power Belt will not take care of your health and especially of your weight. It is completely unnatural, low-quality and ineffective product. Besides, it has a lot of disadvantages. It's too expensive, the service is bad and you can't hope to receive your money back in case if you are not satisfied with your purchase.

I can't recommend Xtreme Power Belt for usage as the modern market offers a great number of really effective weight loss products.

Affordable Alternative

Many modern doctors are sure that the most effectively the problem of excessive weight can be solved with the products increasing human metabolism and burning fat and calories. Luckily, there is such a product on the market. It is known as PhenQ. They are completely natural and effective. I recommend you reading my review about PhenQ. I believe your life will be changed with this product!

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