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PiYo Workout Reviews - What Is It?

WARNING: DO NOT BUY PiYo Workout Until You Read This Review!
Is it a Scam? Does It Really Work? Check Ingredients, Side Effects and More! Emily Butler

PiYo Workout is a 60-day program created by Chalene Johnson. It uses only low-impact strengthening, stretching, and bodyweight resistance-based exercises, and it promises to burn calories, increase flexibility, promote lean muscle growth, and help every your body to get stronger and longer. Although the program combines low-impact benefits of yoga and Pilates, you won't have to hold intense poses for a long time, or be subjected to numerous repetitive movements. You will need to follow a series of nonstop dynamic flowing sequences. The program claims to leave your body well-defined, so you won't need to worry about high-impact jumps or weights. There is just intense cardio. The company tells us that PiYo Workout can be used by individuals of any fitness level, age, and body type.

No matter why you are reading this review, you probably want to know whether this workout will deliver good results. Will you get a well-defined body as promised by the company? Can you expect visible results? Continue reading this review, and you will learn a lot of interesting information. You are probably interested in who Chalene Johnson is. Well, she is an American physical fitness entrepreneur who has created PiYo Workout. In addition, she also sells DVDs with the Turbo Jam series and TurboFire system. She is the author of PUSH: 30 Days to Turbocharged Habits, a Bangin' Body, and the Life You Deserve! To find out whether the fitness program we are discussing today really works let us take a look at its major features and real customer reviews.

Customer Reviews - Does PiYo Workout Really Work?

PiYo Workout

Speaking about the program's specifics, it is necessary to say that, according to the PiYo website, it involves yoga. The latter includes a wide variety of whole-body positions and breathing techniques. The program also includes some exercises from Pilates which is similar to yoga in many ways, but it focused on a person's core more. Both Pilates and yoga provide a variety of health benefits, including leaner and stronger muscles, better circulatory health, improved posture, and increased flexibility. PiYo Workout utilizes forms of bodyweight fitness in which you will only use weight of your own body only. They are low-impact and involve less force on the joints. However, yoga and Pilates are not able to raise your heart rate enough to burn calories and body fat, thus, you will unlikely lose much weight.

The PiYo program lasts for 60 days and includes nine workouts, which last from 25 and 45 minutes (most of them are about 30 minutes). You are recommended to perform workouts six days per week to get the most out of the program. You won't need any weights, but you will need a yoga mat, a towel, and a bottle of water. When you are going to work out, make sure you have enough space to take one step in each direction. According to the official website, PiYo doesn't contain any difficult choreography you will need to memorize. The manufacturer says that each move is easy for everyone to perform. If you want you can advance at your own pace and modify it. The number of calories you are going to burn depends on a number of factors, including your current fitness level, gender, weight, age, and the type of exercises you are performing as well as the intensity at which you are working out. It is known that moderate dancing can burn about 165 calories within half an hour. Stretching burns 90 calories, while aerobics can burn 240 calories within thirty minutes.

What are PiYo Workout customers saying about their experience of following this program? The program has got more than 700 customer reviews on Amazon with an average rating of 3.9 stars. The most common compliments revolve around higher strength, motivating instruction, and ease of use. However, many people report that they failed to lower their weight and to improve their muscle definition. The most frequent complaints referenced scratched or non-functioning DVDs and excessive commercials in between workouts. Some users also claimed that their DVDs worked for a short period of time, and then stopped working. They noted that the offered workouts are too short and they felt like wanting to work out more at the end). Another complaint was that the workouts don't include a lot of cardio. A lot of people are not pleased with the fact that DVDs don't read in computer drive or in any other modern machines like laptop, xbox one, 360, and Nintendo. The program is not effective. Very few people own a dvd player. The dvd often pause in between workouts, which is very irritating. They are full of commercials, so that you have to wait until the end of the commercial in order to continue your workout. Many customers report that it was a huge mistake to buy the PiYo Workout. Let us take a look at the actual users’ testimonials found online.

"I purchased PiYoWorkout to lift my spirits and to take part in a low exercise program because I had lost my home to a fire. I was happy to get the DVD's but could not enjoy them because they did not play in my lap top. Then I tried to play the DVD in an actual DVD player but I failed again. I feel that this was a waste of my money. I have lost my motivation to lose weight. I spent too much time trying to get the DVD to play. I would not recommend this product to anyone. It is better just to walk in the park."

"I am a 63 year old female and I am quite fit throughout my life. I have slowed down a bit over the past five years so I decided to try the PiYo Workout. I ordered it in hope to get back to my initial form. Fortunately, I am able to follow most of the movements in the program but after having following it for five weeks, I don't see any results. I will continue this two-month program but I don't think that it will start working. I would like to state that this program is not suitable for those who have been on a regular physical fitness regimen. It also has too many commercials."

"I often travel for work, so I brought the PiYo workout DVD to take it with me whenever I go. It is inconvenient and heavy, I must admit, because I need to take a DVD player. My DVD got scratched really fast. DVD is the technology of the last century. The program is not effective and it did not meet my expectations. Besides, it can be stressful on hands and shoulders."

Where To Buy PiYo Workout In Stores?

To buy PiYo Workout you will need to make three monthly payments of $19.95 (plus $12.95 shipping), or a single payment of $72.80. You will also get a 60-Day Workout Calendar, a Quick Start Guide, and the Get Lean Eating Plan with your order. This will help you learn how to eat nutritious foods to stay satiated, properly fueled, and nourished. You will also get two bonus workouts on one DVD: Core (to build flat abs and back muscles with multi-angle workouts) and Buns (a glute-focused workout that claims to redefine, lift, and tighten the backside of your body for tight butt). PiYo's 24/7 online support will provide you access to peer support, tips, Challenge Groups, and live video chat. PiYo comes with a 60-day money back guarantee. To request one, you will need to contact the customer support. The PiYo program is also available via Beachbody on Demand. A 12-month all-access pass costs $99.95.

My Final Summary

Losing weight is not always as easy as it may seem. To succeed you will first of all need to consumer fewer calories than you expend. Another way to shed excess pounds is by regularly performing cardio and resistance exercises. The PiYo Workout does not seem to be an effective program, since it simply does not meet common users' specific needs. Even though it combines bodyweight resistance, Pilates, yoga, and intervals, there are a few problems that do not allow you to reach the desired fitness level. The DVDs that come with the program do not play in modern machines like a computer, laptop, etc. You will need to use a DVD player that is the technology of the last century. It is a well-known fact that working out at home makes it difficult to provide privacy and maintain motivation. This may depend on your personality type, though. We didn't try the program ourselves, but, based on our research, we don't think that PiYo can help you meet your fitness goals. Taking into account everything we have learnt about the program, we cannot recommend PiYo Workout.

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