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Lipozene Reviews

According to the official website of Lipozene, it is America's # 1 Diet Pill. But is it really so? Let's check it up! Lipozene is really made in the USA with imported and domestic materials. The company also produces another weight loss pill known as MetaboUp PLUS. The official product's website is not perfect, as it lacks information about the ingredients and possible side effects of Lipozene. The manufacturer promises to solve the problem of extra weight but it doesn't mention the way of work of the product... read more


Obesity can be triggered by a number of reasons. It can be due to genetics. Yes, body type and tendency to corpulence are hidden in our parents' genes and can be inherited. Lean parents can hardly have obese offsprings and vice versa. But this is our choice to be overweight or not. It's just the matter of will. Unfortunately, for some people it is easier to stay fit, while others may need to work hard in order to have a good shape... read more

HydroxyCut Black

Today's market is overwhelmed with different weight loss supplements. The aim of this review is to study HydroxyCut Black which has appeared a long time ago and is a brand of weight loss supplements. The producer offers a great number of various pills, tablets, shakes and gummies which have been created to help in losing weight. But Hydroxy Cut Black is the most important among them. It claims to be an intensive weight loss product which is able to boost your metabolism... read more

Cellucor Super HD

Weight loss problems are very actual nowadays when people want to look attractive and have a sexy body. But not all of us have spare time for exercise and not all people have strong will to keep to strict diets. And here you are offered a great number of various weight loss supplements which promise you to solve all your problems quickly and easily. Cellucor Super HD is one of them. It claims to be the new weight loss supplement at the today's market... read more

Garcinia Melt

Garcinia Melt is a new diet pill that promises to use natural ingredients to help you lose weight, even if you're not following a strict diet or some special exercise routine. The supplement is made by an American company called SR Health LLC. In reality, it is not known for sure who makes Garcinia Melt. Some say it is SR Health LLC, others Grandstand LLC. The only thing is clear - the manufacturer is badly known and is not reputable... read more


Today our review is about probiotic supplement called Probioslim. The product promises to be effective for improving your digestion as well as working as a fat burner. What can be better than losing weight in a safe and healthy way? Here we are going to check whether Probioslim is really as great as it claims to be or it is just one more supplement with the same claims as many others have... read more

SlimQuick Pure

SlimQuick Pure is a nutritional supplement that has a lot of claims. The first one is to be "the most efficient weight loss supplement for women." According to the producer the product is effective enough to be able to be helpful for you in losing up weight several times in 13 weeks. SlimQuick Pure has been manufactured by SlimQuick Laboratories. The company is out of Wilmington, DE. The producer has got an F rating with the Better Business Bureau because... read more

Ultra Trim 350 Forskolin

Ultra Trim 350 Forskolin is a dietary supplement that promises to melt away body fat with no need to exercise or diet. This claim sounds too good to be true. Let's find out whether this product is really so effective in our review. Ultra Trim 350 Forskolin is available in the form of pills based on Forskolin. This compound promised to increase your lean muscle mass, metabolic rate, and to destroy fat deposits throughout your body... read more

EpiBurn Pro

EpiBurn Pro is an energy supplement based on caffeine. The product has been produced by USPlabs. At the first sight their website seems to be professional, but when looking for specific elements its drawbacks are revealed. For example, when you try to access the customer service link, it is written that it no longer exists. The product is described as a caffeine capsule, which provides its users with extra energy and focus... read more

Instant Knockout

Instant Knockout is claiming to be a 100 percent natural fat burner which is able to improve your metabolism and increase the amount of energy you have in a day. It is aimed at helping serious athletes looking to add a little kick to their fitness routine. This product offers the chance to obtain a fighting physique. Instant Knockout promises you to have a chance to reach your goal even without taking efforts going into fitness... read more

Plexus Slim

Have you ever heard about such weight loss supplement as Plexus Slim or maybe even wanted to try it? Then this review will be a good opportunity for you to think your decision over again. Plexus Slim was produced by Plexus Worldwide, Inc. It is said that it has an ability to suppress your appetite and also act as an energy booster. The producers of this product claim that there were a lot of tests being held in clinical conditions... read more

Organifi Green Juice

Organifi Green Juice is a superfood mix which is aimed at improving your health and filling you with incredible energy as well as boosting your brain power if to believe the official website of this magic product it is able to change your life completely. Is it really so great? As any medicine a food supplement may have some side effects but there is no information about the possible negative reaction of some people to the drink's components which seems to be too perfect to be true... read more


Phentaslim is a new fat burner that has its own official website according to which it has helped more than 40,000 people all over the world by lowering their cravings, boosting energy and providing more intensive exercising. It is claimed to be natural and clinically proven but we are going to learn whether these claims are true by looking at the main ingredients, side effects, clinical studies and customers' reviews of this product... read more

Shredz Fat Burner

Shredz Fat Burner was introduced in 2012 via Instagram and social mass media and only within a year the company received 3.1 million dollars of income. However, the company was not always as successful as there was a lawsuit against their supplements. More information about this lawsuit can be received online. Shredz Fat Burner is made for women and is a part of the supplement line called "Shredz Made For Women" which features 5 supplements... read more

Advocare 10 Day Cleanse

Advocare 10 Day Cleanse is a program meant for people who wish to lose excessive weight and suffer from obesity. The product has its own official website, but, unfortunately, when I tried to enter it I failed. Instead of opening an official website I saw the message saying Access denied! However, I made a large research online I succeeded to find basic information about Advocare 10 Day Cleanse which is not enough though for me to start this weight loss program... read more

Zantrex Black

Zantrex is a very controversial product for weight loss. This supplement is made by Zoller Labs. At first, there was the Zantrex 3 Red that was surrounded with numerous complaints of side effects. It was followed by Zantrex Blue. Today Zantrex Black is also available on the market. All of these products have the same goals: fat burn, appetite decrease, energy boost, and weight loss. They differ in their approach only. In this review we are going to deal with Zantrex Black. The latter is meant for people who want to lose weight and increase energy levels... read more


The market is filled with different fat burners, but most of them contain harmful stimulant ingredients. It is important to find a product that would safely burn your extra fat. Quadralean is promised not to have stimulants. In this review we are going to take an deeper look into this supplement in order to see whether it is really effective. Quadra Lean has its own official website that claims that the product is very beneficial in controlling appetite, increasing energy, mobilizing fat stores and boosting human metabolism... read more

Advocare 24 Day Challenge

Advocare 24 Day Challenge is a very mysterious product. When I tried to open its official website I failed immediately because it said that I didn't have permission to access it. So, I failed to read any information about the product, its manufacturer or even a place where it is made. As far as I understood, Advocare 24 Day Challenge is another guide how to lose weight. It is new and not popular at all. In fact, there is very few information about the product. However, I managed to find basic points of this program... read more

BellyTrim XP

BellyTrim XP is produced by an American company called BioTrust which was created by two nutritionists. They claim to use high-quality ingredients for the production of their supplements. They are informing their customers on the official website that they personally take their supplements. They recommend these products to their acquaintances and friends all the time. However, the company is not reputable or well-known... read more


Sletrokor is a weight loss supplement brand of that can be bought online. It's produced by the company called 18Nutrition located in the USA. The supplement has an official website that offers ordering the product directly from the website, but lacks information about Sletrokor ingredients, clinical studies supporting their effectiveness and possible side effects. It is promised to help users lose weight without... read more

Thrive Weight Loss

Thrive Weight Loss is another weight-loss product on the market. It uses Thrive Derma fusion technology that presupposes application of a weight loss program. It is promised to apply all natural ingredients. It uses a method of delivering active ingredients similar to a nicotine patch. The dietary supplement is expected to be released into the blood stream through the epidermal layer of the human body... read more


In order to reach your bodybuilding goals starts you will need to get rid of unnecessary fat at first. Sometimes, having a low-fat diet and exercising at the gym can be not enough for making your body burn fat. For this reason, the modern market offers many different fat burners. In this article we are going to review Norcodrene which is formulated to intensify human metabolic rate and burn fat. Let us check out whether Norcodrene can really help you to achieve your weight loss goals... read more


Leptigen is a dietary supplement manufactured by company called Green Bracket LLC at a facility in California. It intends to increase metabolism and normalize sugar levels in the blood and to manage glucose tolerance. It is said to be helpful when losing extra weight and body fat. There is an official website which is though professionally made, doesn't contain the most important information about the product's ingredients and possible side effects... read more

Dexatrim Max

Dexatrim Max is a dietary supplement produced in the USA. It has to be taken orally with water. The product is meant to "suppress hunger" and brings better results if taken in combination with regular exercise and a healthy diet. This supplement includes such ingredients as cocoa and green tea leaf. The company manufactures several forms of Dexatrim, namely Dexatrim Max, Dexatrim Max2O, Dexatrim Natural, and Dexatrim Max "New and Improved"... read more

HydroxyCut Appetite Control

HydroxyCut Appetite Control is manufactured by an American badly-known company that has a non-efficient official website. It doesn't contain any data about the ingredients and side effects of the supplement. It is said that the product was designed for people who spend hours sitting in front of their computers, lack exercising or don't have proper diet... read more


Metaboltonics is a trademark of weight loss products produced by Genomma Lab Internacional company that manufactures weight loss capsules, slimming coffee and tea, as well as Metaboltonics drinks. These products are claimed to contain natural active ingredients, however, this information is not proved by any medical studies. Also not any of the supplements of this company have been approved by the FDA... read more

Relacore Extra

Relacore Extra is one of the most popular products for weight loss nowadays, but is it really worth this attention? This pill is meant to make your belly smaller without stress to your body. So, I decided to examine its ingredients, clinical research and side effects. The supplement is made by the Carter-Reed Company based in Utah. It contains B vitamins, magnolia bark, passionflower, perilla, jujube, and panax ginseng. Relacore Extra has to be taken once a day... read more

SlimQuick Extreme

Most women start suffering from extra weight and fatty belly after giving birth to their child. It can be very difficult to get rid of this fat with a baby on hands, however, the modern market offers a great variety of weight loss products. One of them is Slimquick Extreme which is formulated for the female. It attacks women's fat due to its formula, as the manufacturer claims. The product is made in the USA by a badly-known company and has an official website... read more

Weight Watchers Starter Kit

The Weight Watchers starter kits are special kits designed for people who want to lose some extra weight or to maintain their optimal shape. The Weight Watchers official website claims that such a kit allows its user to eat a lot of different foods without the necessity to count calories or fast... read more

Xtreme Power Belt

Xtreme Power Belt is designed for men and women that claims to make you two sizes slimmer due to the increase of sweating. The belt also provides lower back support, and can be adjust to your posture, according to the manufacturer. The product has its own official website which is in Spanish and can be difficult to read by people who don't speak this language. The device promises dual action compression due to which the user starts sweating in this way shedding extra pounds... read more


Obesity is a disease that can be too difficult to cure. Usually, a person gains weight when more calories are taken than burnt off. At the same time, obesity can be the result of the following factors. These are eating habits, lifestyle and genes. Modern conveniences - such as cars and elevators - can make you less active. If your parents are overweight, you are more likely to inherit this feature... read more

Extreme Weight Loss Stories

A few women describe the story of their losing over 300 pounds without any unusual diet or gym, a trip to a spa, or special foods. In fact, there are other options that can be followed. Changes should be made on one's own, as many researchers say... read more

Forskolin Fuel

Forskolin Fuel is a supplement specially designed to help you lose weight. Its main ingredient is coleus forskholii that is considered to be beneficial for good shape. The product is available in the form of pills, very small in size. You are supposed to take one capsule per day... read more

Green Tea Pills and Weight Loss

There is nothing new about the connection between green tea pills and weight loss. Contemporary researchers, however, don't want to talk much about positive or exact results of using green tea pills for weight loss. They can't verify for sure how green tea compounds can help to lose weight... read more

Healthy Weight Loss Pills

Nowadays, with so many people being obese there is a great need for new advanced ways of losing weight. And weight loss pills are just what you need to consider. There are diverse fat burning products offered on the market, but what are really healthy weight loss pills... read more

Weight Loss Extreme Diet

According to the last data of the CDC, the number of people who suffer from obesity has doubled between the years of 1980 and 2000, and about 60 million adults have extra kilos at present in the United States. Many fat individuals decided to start sticking to weight loss extreme diets in order to lose weight... read more

What You Need To Know about OTC Weight Loss Pills

If you ask a good-looking guy walking on the road how he has reached such great results in getting a perfectly toned body you will probably hear "No Pain No Gain." Painful physical exercises really work but they are not useful to everyone. If it is your case you should know that other alternatives are also available... read more