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Vital Reds Reviews - What Is It?

WARNING: DO NOT BUY Vital Reds Until You Read This Review!
Is it a Scam? Does It Really Work? Check Ingredients, Side Effects and More! Emily Butler

Vital Reds is a health supplement that offers a number of benefits. While other products of the kind focus on providing only one health benefit, this supplement is among those products that deliver many health benefits. It works due to the concentrated Polyphenol Blend that contains Probiotics, Vegetable Extracts, Organic Fruits, White Tea Leaf, Fructooligosaccharides, and Cinnamon Bark. This nutritional product claims to help you with weight loss, higher energy levels, reduce fatigue, and provide antioxidant properties. This product is claimed to be important for modern people because of the increasing presence of different diseases. Before we dive deeper into the product's specifics let us take a look at the manufacturer's Information available online.

Vital Reds is made and marketed by the Gundry MD Company that provides the product in red berry flavor. It was founded by Dr. Steven Gundry, the heart-surgeon. The company claims that Vital Reds does not contain any synthetic flavors, ingredients, colors, fillers, preservatives, or binders. They also say that prolonged usage of this product does not cause any side effects. At the same time, the product is promised to enhance the look of the skin, relieve joint pains, boost metabolism, and decrease body weight. Unfortunately little is known about the company behind the product, which means that it is not reputable or popular in the country. The official website is poor and contains little information about the components and possible side effects of the supplement. Let us discuss the ingredients found in the formula.

Ingredients of Vital Reds - Does It Really Work? Is It a Scam?

Vital Reds features a simple working process that is claimed to be backed up by strong ingredients found in its formula. In general, the product provides support in different health aspects via three proprietary formulas. These include a polyphenol blend, a polyphenol blend and a digestive support blend. A polyphenol blend is a blend that is made up of up to twenty-one fruits rich in polyphenol. Let me remind you that polyphenols are antioxidants that can be naturally found in the fruits. They play an importance role in the formula due to their ability to combat free radicals and toxic compounds present in the user's body, especially in the blood. This blend is responsible for cleaning up the body and reducing risks of dangerous diseases. The superfruits include carrots, strawberries, raspberries, carrots and oranges. This is an undoubtedly natural blend but it can cause allergic reactions in sensitive users.

Vital Reds

A polyphenol blend is a blend of ingredients that intends to increase the metabolic levels of the body and in this way decrease body weight. The blend contains white tea leaf, cinnamon bark, bitter melon fruit, green tea leaf, turmeric, ginger root, and black pepper fruit. Due to the effective metabolic support, the user will forget about metabolic problems in their body. Some of the mentioned ingredients may also cause side effects. Digestive support blend is a blend that is made up of up to three million colony forming units. There are four probiotic strains which can help the user's body to extract the necessary nutrients from digested foods. All of these components are intended to work together to provide the user with the desired health results. However, there are certain concerns about these ingredients. First of all, the manufacturer of Vital Reds does not mention exact amounts of these components found in the formula, which makes it difficult to say for sure whether they are useful or harmful. Second, we are not sure whether these components are used in proper combination. There is risk that they may negatively interact with each other.

Customer Reviews - Does It Have Any Side Effects?

Speaking about the side effects of Vital Reds the company says that they may include nausea and vomiting as a reaction to the polyphenols and probiotics found in the formula. In reality the number of possible adverse reactions may be much higher. Probiotics contained in the product may cause unpleasant digestive symptoms like gas and bloating, constipation and increased thirst. If these side effects do not subside after a few weeks of continued use you are recommended to stop using the supplement. To reduce the chance of side effects, you are advised to start with a low dose of probiotics and increase it gradually to the full dosage over several weeks. Probiotics contain amines which may lead to headaches in some people. Some strains can boost histamine levels, which is associated with redness and swelling in the affected area, as well as itching, runny nose, watery eyes, or trouble breathing. Probiotic products can contain lactose, allergens, or prebiotic fibers that may lead to adverse reactions in some users. These ingredients should be avoided.

There are limited customer reviews about Vital Reds online with an average rating of 3.5 stars. Many users are not satisfied with this product. They didn't feel increased energy; enjoy better skin or any other benefits. Some of them have even reported that they experienced side effects and allergic reactions when using this product. It is noted that one should follow dosage instructions carefully. The supplement should be added to a glass of water before drinking it. It should be drunk once per day. Let us take a look at the actual customer reviews found online.

"I bought two bottles of Vital reds online. It was expensive but I trusted the "hassle free" full refund in case if it wouldn't work. The product did not perform its functions well and I turned out to be very sensitive to this product. I sent containers back to the company. It cost me $27 to send the products back from Australia. They also have deducted $10 as handling. I am still waiting for a full refund!"

"I live in Australia and the company continues sending Vital Reds to be on a monthly basis. I have sent them numerous emails with a request to stop sending me the product every month. I can't take this supplement due to the medications I take regularly. They keep charging my credit card and are doing nothing to help me! I don't want to deal with this company anymore."

"I ordered VitalReds online by paying with PayPal. I was informed by PayPal that I have signed up for monthly deductions. I stopped this at once. I have used the supplement for three week. As a result, I broke out in sores. Avoid this supplement if you don't want to face side effects."

Where To Buy Vital Reds?

This product is available in the powder form on the official website of the company. A bottle with thirty servings retails at $39.99.

My Final Summary

Vital Reds comes with a number of drawbacks. There are no extensively proven clinical studies, so the product requires more research to have its safety and effectiveness confirmed. The supplement really doesn't work equally for everyone. Some customers experienced a number of side effects and adverse reactions. There is limited availability of the supplement online. If you need to enhance your skin appearance, promote better sleep, improve energy levels, boost your metabolism and relieve joint pain, you will need to look for another product that would be 100% safe and effective. A good product should be made from safe and effective ingredients. Even though the company behind Vital Reds provides a money back guarantee, few people reported receiving their money back. Taking into account all pros and cons of the supplement, I cannot recommend Vital Reds to buying.

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