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Slim Cycle Reviews - What Is It?

WARNING: DO NOT BUY Slim Cycle Until You Read This Review!
Is it a Scam? Does It Really Work? Check Ingredients, Side Effects and More! Emily Butler

Slim Cycle is a fitness bike that is advertised as a two-in-one breakthrough that provides twice times better results in half the time, combining cardio with upper body strength training and making exercising fun. Another feature is the ability to change an upright position into a recumbent position, which allows you to switch from an intense workout to a relaxed workout. There are eight levels of quiet magnetic resistance, a large digital display to track distance, calories burnt, and your speed. You will also be able to see your pulse due to the heart rate monitor built into the handles which serve to simplify your getting on and off the device. The 2.5-inch thick memory foam seat can accommodate heights between 4'11" and 6'4". The backrest offers comfortable support for users who weigh over 300 pounds. When you are finished, the machine folds up like an ironing board and can be stored under a bed or in the closet.

These sound like really useful features, but will this device really help you to slim down and lose body weight in an easy way? Will you be able to tone and sculpt your body in just 10 minutes a day, as claimed by the company on their website? We have gathered some important information for you to be able to make a wise decision. Let's start from how biking is beneficial for human health. Cycling provides great aerobic workout, also known as cardiovascular exercise, which raises the heart rate and can help burn a lot of calories. As you turn pedals, you use lower body muscles making them grow bigger and stronger. Cycling is a joint-friendly low-impact aerobic workout. It is beneficial for different aspects of everyday life such as endurance, walking, balance, standing, and stair climbing. Company Telebrands has been in business since 1983, being a popular As Seen on TV company. The company can boast hundreds of releases, including Hurricane Spin Broom, Pocket hose Brass Bullet, Air Dragon, and Atomic Lighter. However, the company held a D+ rating with the Better Business Bureau.

Customer Reviews - Does Slim Cycle Really Work?

Slim Cycle

As it was already mentioned, cycling has a number of potential advantages. These benefits can be accomplished outside on a traditional bike, or inside on a stationary model such as Slim Cycle. To start using this bike, you will need to fold it out to its full size. Adjust the seat in accordance to your leg length and height. It will accommodate a height from 4'11" to 6'4". You will be able to choose if you want to use the bike in a recumbent or an upright position. You can select one of the eight resistance levels. Turn up the dial to increase the resistance. It is located in front of the seat. You will need to turn the dial down to decrease the resistance. After that you can sit down and start pedaling. After you have customized your sitting position, seat height, and resistance level, you will be able to start your workout. You will be able to see the number of calories you have burnt, the speed you are going and the distance you have traveled on the large digital display screen. While pedaling, you can use the attached resistance bands to work out your arms. You can move your arms in a bicep curl motion holding onto one band with each hand or out to the sides as if you are flying. If you decide to pedal again, let go of the bands and they will retract back into their individual holes. The machine can also be folded in half again for storage.

There is a great number of customer reviews about the device on third-party websites. While some buyers find Slim Cycle useful for shaping their body, the others have determined several negative points. The unit turns out to be not as effective as claimed by the manufacturer when used for just ten minutes a day. It could also induce boredom over time. Most people prefer to vary their exercise routine from time to time, but this unit does not allow to do this. As a result, you could become bored with moving your resistance bands and pedaling each day. You won't be able to motivate yourself by looking at picturesque scenery, as you would on a regular bike ride outdoors. When using Slim Cycle you will have to take into account some warnings. Do not stand when using the machine. You might think it is a nice idea to stand up on the unit and pull on your resistance bands, but it hasn't been designed for standing. If you do this, either the bike you, or both could topple over. You can even get an injury and damage the machine. While training keep water nearby, otherwise you may become fatigued without even realizing it. Exerting yourself intensively may result in tiredness, so you should hydrate your body as you pedal. You can keep water on the floor or on the small shelf below the digital display.

We are concerned with the fact that the company behind the product held a D+ rating with the Better Business Bureau with over 300 closed complaints, most of which referenced poor customer service and ordering issues. One customer reports that he had horrible experience with the company. They hadn't even started on his purchase, and it was two weeks into his order. When the man went to go check the status, he saw that his purchase invoice looked like the one I actually agreed to. Besides, upon checking out, the company had an offer of a 30-day trial of Boost for $1 but the man was actually charged $330.89 for it. He was also charged $44 for the shipping, which he never agreed to. He only agreed to $1 for a 30-day trial of the Boost. The man decided to cancel his entire order because of this issue! Fortunately, the man received a cancellation confirmation code, their ID and the name of the person. This customer does not recommend anyone to deal with this company ever. Let us take a look at some other real customers' testimonials found online.

"I never received my Slim Cycle. I had been waiting for a month and called them twice before my card was charged. When I called them last they that the product was to be delivered but I did not get any shipping information. Since I did not get the order I requested a refund but they asked me to reorder. I certainly refused. They intend just to market a product and get your money. Unfortunately, this company seems to be scammers to me."

"I ordered my SlimCycle in the end of February, 2018, and kept checking my order status online all the time. It had no tracking number. After two months I received a postcard in the mail saying that my order was canceled without explaining any reason why. I tried to call their customer service but I never could get a human to talk to. I would not recommend this product and company to anyone. Good luck."

"After waiting for my Slim cycle for seven weeks, I called them to check why I had not received it. They told me The Trade Commission had canceled my order since the company could not fill all the orders they were taking. I am sure other customers had this happen too. Do not order anything from Telebrands."

Where To Buy Slim Cycle?

One unit is priced at $219.90 with $19.99 shipping included. This sum can be divided into five payments of $39.99. Your purchase will come with an app that contains on-demand virtual rides, a library 10 free, some of which include instruction. You can upgrade to a full year of unlimited access to the instructional videos for $5 during checkout. You can also upgrade to the Deluxe Slim Cycle, a version that includes a holder and water bottle, upgraded handle grips, a metallic gunmetal finish, a heavy-duty floor mat, a double padded seat, and a two-year extended warranty for $19.99. All sets come with a 30-day refund policy, which can be requested by calling to the company's customer support department.

My Final Summary

If you need a wise purchasing decision to buy Slim Cycle or not, the answer is definitely not. Based on what we have learned about the company and the device from the commercial and website, as well as from third-party resources, this bike is not worth buying for a few major reasons. First, there are many customer complaints online that focus mainly on ordering issues. While some people where charged for what they never ordered, others did not receive their Slim Cycle at all. The product features a very high price. The unit itself has no adjustable arm resistance and only eight pedal resistance levels. While Telebrands offers a 30-day refund policy, remember that you will lose your initial $20 for the shipping. Many customers report that the company's customer service also leaves much to be desired. With all this in mind, I cannot recommend Slim Cycle.

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