Leptopril Reviews - What Is It?

WARNING: DO NOT BUY Leptopril Until You Read This Review!
Is it a Scam? Does It Really Work? Check Ingredients, Side Effects and More! Emily Butler

Leptopril is a recent product that is meant for overweight people, as it promises to burn the user's fat and decrease body weight. The active ingredients of this dietary supplement include caffeine, green coffee bean, schizonepeta tenuifolia, l-alanine, rhodiola rosea, l-valine, l-cysteine, l-methionine, l-leucine, forsythia suspensa vahl, l-glutamine, l-isoleucine, coleus forskohlii, and green tea. It is recommended to take two capsules twice a day. The product is easy to take with you.

Leptopril was manufactured by Generix Laboratories for the first time in 2010 as an alternative to prescription diet pills. The product is available on the official website and on some retailers. The formula of the supplement is based on another pill called Leptoprin-SD that is much more expensive. The latter could not continue producing it because it was now popular among people due to its high cost ($153). The same compounds can be found in Leptopril but the price is two times lower. As the manufacturer claims, this new weight loss product has the same results but it is much more affordable. The official website, however is poorly made and doesn't offer basic information on the supplement's ingredients and possible side effects. Generix Laboratories offer Leptopril as the only product available. It is strange but the official website doesn't give much information about the manufacturer.

Ingredients of Leptopril - Does It Really Work? Is It a Scam?

The product is designed for overweight people who weigh 20 pounds more than their normal weight but it cannot help those who carry obesity in their genes. It is unknown for sure whether the product is as effective as claimed by the manufacturer. The company behind the product, Generix Laboratories, LLC was rated F. It is a very low rating. There have been two complaints filed against Generix Laboratories but none of them have been replied. The manufacturer doesn't care too much as to describe the main ingredients in the supplement.


Leptopril is said to have stimulant effects, to be able to suppress your appetite and boost your metabolism. There are no specific amounts of ingredients listed on the official website. It is known that the supplement contains a proprietary blend. One serving of two capsules makes 502 mg. As a result of making a thorough research, I managed to find a number of the compound contained in the product. Let us have a look at these substances.

Green Coffee Bean (45% Chlorogenic Acids) is said to contain a higher amount of chlorogenic acids than normal coffee. It is an extract from unroasted coffee beans which is responsible for better metabolism and normal blood sugar levels. However, due to the content of caffeine, Leptopril may cause a number of side effects including fatigue, insomnia, and restlessness; anxiety, mood swings, and ill feelings; agitation, rapid heart rate, and headaches; cold sweats, jitters, and seizure. The Federal Trade Commission has fined some companies who give false weight loss claims about the effectiveness of caffeine.

Another active component of the product is Trimethylxanthine. In fact, it is a chemical name for caffeine. As it is known, it's a common stimulant that can be found in foods. There is no official research that would support the ability of caffeine to raise energy levels, metabolism, and mental focus. The supplement contains a total of 440 mg of caffeine in one serving. It is a too high dose, which means that the users may experience migraines, headaches, and pounding in the head, cardiovascular problems, fast heart rate, and agitation; excessive sweating, pain in the chest, and tremors.

Another component of Leptopril is Schizonepeta Tenuifolia SE, a plant used known for its abilities to decrease allergic reactions and to treat skin issues. However, its high doses can damage the liver. Special attention should be given to Rhodiola Rosea added to the supplement. It is said to improve memory and learning, as well as help to regulate the work of heart. Remember that this compound has never been studied in humans and can lead to potential side effects. There are some reports of contamination associated with the use of this supplement.

The next ingredient in the product is Green Tea Leaf SE that is also called Camelia sinensis. It possesses antioxidant effects but can become the reason of liver problems. There is no reliable information to back up the effectiveness of green tea in the process of weight loss. Another ingredient in the product is Forsythia Suspensa Vahl SE, a plant that is used to reduce inflammation. There is also Coleus Forskohlii Root SE, an herb that can increase testosterone levels and decrease body fat. However, it is not proven to be completely safe for the human body. Due to its impact on testosterone levels, it can potentially cause unwanted effects. Other ingredients in the product include L-Methionine (an amino acid that can be harmful) and L-Glutamine (another amino acid).

Customer Reviews - Does It Have Any Side Effects?

The first negative issue about Leptopril was not even side effects, but very poor results. Even though the supplement contains caffeine and green tea, it is not enough for actual weight loss. While some dieters lack results, others complained about unpleasant negative side effects. One dieter said that he had a rash all over his body and upset stomach. Besides, there is no legit science to prove the safety and effectiveness of Leptopril, even though the official website of the company claims that its ingredients are clinically-proven. There was some scientific research but it has nothing to do with weight-loss. Let's see what real users are saying about using the supplement.

"When I take Leptopril I cannot fall asleep. It feels like I have my eyes full of sand. I took it for a week, then I reduced the dosage by half but this did not work. I felt very sleepy but could not fall asleep."

"I took leptopril according to the label but it caused side effected to me. I felt jittery and could not continue taking the pills. I have not lost a pound within a month. I am very unhappy with the supplement."

"Leptopril made me feel sick and gave me a rash all over my body. Another side effect was an upset stomach. I am not going to spoil my health and continue using this staff. Take care of yourself and avoid it!"

Where To Buy Leptopril?

Amazon sells Leptopril for $48. It is not cheap for caffeine, I should say. It isn't available on such retail websites as GNC and Walmart.

My Final Summary

Leptopril is relatively affordable but there are many negative customer comments on this product. Besides, there is no scientific research that backs up the effectiveness of its ingredients for weight-loss. I am hesitant about recommending this product to usage. If you want to shed weight without harmful side effects, you should look for a supplement that contain a formula demonstrated to work.

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