Extreme Weight Loss Stories

Emily Butler

A few women describe the story of their losing over 300 pounds without any unusual diet or gym, a trip to a spa, or special foods. In fact, there are other options that can be followed. Changes should be made on one's own, as many researchers say. It is possible to lose more than 10% of one's body weight only with the help of excluding fat from the diet and by adding some physical exercises. It is proved that the least help can be achieved from liquid diets and diet pills. All women here have found her own way to get rid of unnecessary kilos. Their stories may be really inspiring, as you won't need much money to lose weight. On the contrary, you will save it.

Story #1 - 150 Pounds Lost!

The married woman whose name is Pamela and who is 34 years old once weighed 285 pounds and now she is only 135 pounds. Pamela says that she had been unhappy with her weight since childhood as she was always obese. It was her father whose early death gave her an incentive to get slimmer. Since that moment the woman cut out all fast food she had been eating minimum twice a day. She also refused from soda. Pamela confesses that the most challenging thing in her weight loss process was recalling the words told by her father: "You will all die early because you're obese".

Within a week or two her belly was going down. It took her a year to lose the first 50 pounds (before her dad passing). During two more years she lost 100 pounds more.

Pamela has now maintained her current weight for more than a year. She eats healthy food and exercises 5-6 days a week. Her children keep her motivated as she wants them to have a long-living mother. She confesses that finally has energy and can play with her kids. The woman advises everyone to evaluate what one is putting into his or her body. She recommends to drink much water and to eat whole foods, as well as lean meats, fruits and vegetables. It's also advised to avoid high sugar drinks and foods. For breakfast Pamela usually eats a bowl of fruit and a protein shake. For lunch she has a salad with a light dressing. Her dinner usually includes a grilled and asparagus.

Story #2 - 144 pounds lost!

Another woman Erica is only 27 years old and she faced high weight. She used to weigh 322 pounds and her current weight is 178 pounds, so she lost 144 pounds! Erica was constantly angry with herself because she couldn't even play with her son. She confesses that the most difficult task for her was to start loving the process of losing weight and to filtering out other people's opinions. In 3 months Erica saw the first results and she's still losing extra kilos.

Now Erica feels better in her skin as her life has changed. She can walk into a store and not be nervous because of her enormous size. She recommends to have fun while losing weight and to have cheat meals. It is also essential for her to have friends who support her. Don't be afraid to ask for help but always set only real goals. Erica's breakfast usually includes egg whites and a whole wheat English muffin. During the day she eats a lot of fruit and veggies.